Building a robot around the Atmel SAMD20 Xpained board

Just a few pics of the robot we are building around an Atmel SAM D20 Xplained Pro board.

Very excited about the possibilities for this range of ARM Cortex M0+ MCU's - I hope someone is working on a USART bootloader that will work with the Arduino IDE ... We have already got some modular board designs worked out but no experience of writing bootloaders.





Many professionals and students are using the similar devices and processors for their project activities. I think ATMEL is one of the most used boards for doing the academic projects and also in robotics. Please share more ideas using the same. wholesale tablet

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The prototype that you shared here is quite useful for understanding the concept of a newly invented robot. But I got only minimal information from your site regarding this. If possible include some more information. Thanks for share this.real estate photo editing services

Useful info

I think this blog will be useful to all those who are doing projects on robots. From this, I came to know about how to build a robot with Atmel SAMD 20 Xpained board. I have seen the photos of it so that concept is very clear. modular home manufacturers


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Nowadays robotics technology

Nowadays robotics technology is frequently used. And the various students have the interest to learn the robotic technology and expand their knowledge with essay services for the better future development. Thank you for sharing the great idea how we can prepare robot on Xpained board.

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